Don in Tomnyan costume.

The Tomnyan (Japanese: トムニャン, Tomunyan) costume is a cloth-type costume that was introduced in Taiko no Tatsujin series since Red Version.

General info

It is basically a costume with nothing but having Tomnyan lying front on top of Don.

It cannot be mixed with the head gear.

How to obtain

Since Red Version's version 5.08 update in Japan, the costume is obtainable by playing You Got A Otomodachi once. Norma clearing the song will also unlock the title 'Oh My Gawd Meow! (Japanese: オーマイガーミャウ!, Ōmaigā Myau!)'


  • The title 'Oh My Gawd Meow!' is one of the quotes Tomnyan said in the Yo-kai Watch TV anime.

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The character the costume is based on