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Tetsuo Wada
和田テツオ, Wada Tetsuo
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 9
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance Taiko no Tatsujin 4
Japanese VA Hiroomi Ohkubo (Atsumete★Tomodachi Daisakusen! only)

Tetsuo Wada (Japanese: 和田テツオ, Wada Tetsuo) is a recurring chracter in Taiko no Tatsujin series. He is a member of the Wada household.



Tetsuo is a human boy who had the idiot hair on top of his hair.

He is usually seen wearing headband and happi coat while he participates to the festival.


Tetsuo is somewhat a brat and he is too much for anyone in the neighbor to handle. Despite this, he is very kind of his grandpa.

He attends the taiko drum class for taiko drum lessons, but frequently skips class to participates the festival. Despite this, he is very good in sports and taiko drum skill.

He enjoys torturing Don, Katsu and their friends, his best friends, and Kodama, which is the basis of the hatred by them. However, he only bullies her when KIyoshi isn't around. He is also rude towards the Dokon Gang and often mocks them as well.

In Eiga Taiko no Tatsujin, Tetsuo claims that he invented the sport of taiko drum tipping (which Don, Katsu, Dondi and Yomogimaru got revenge for later on).

Tetsuo constantly boasts and arrogantly brags about having "skills" that he clearly doesn't have (such as possessing Karate skills, psychic abilities, insults, and salsa dance moves). He annoys everyone, except Kiyoshi, whom he acts sweet and innocently to until he is out of earshot. Tetsuo's range of insults are rather limited and unimaginative, usually just resorting to "stinky," "stupid," or other basic insults. He says that no one exposes his undies and lives.

Kiyoshi mistook an amnesia-ridden Tetsuo for a talking fish.

Tetsuo is given the chore of watching Don, Katsu and their friends when Hana has to leave for the weekend to a non-existent event called "DoCoDon". Instead, he takes to tormenting and hurting them. Don, Katsu and their friends seek revenge on Tetsuo by pummeling him with eggs, stuffing him inside a bundle filled with chicks, and then springing him into the air. Kodama then removes all the chicks off of Tetsuo.

Tetsuo had a large pet snake named Stinky McStupidhead, whom he mistreated and tried to feed the chick to. In the end, the chick was rescued and Tetsuo was outwitted by Don and his best friends by having his pants pulled down, being given an electric shock, and finally being swallowed by the enraged Stinky. Apparently, the removal from Stinky was extremely painful.


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