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Tetsuo Wada (Japanese: 和田テツオ, Wada Tetsuo) is a recurring character in Taiko no Tatsujin series. He is a member of the Wada household.



Tetsuo is a human boy who had the idiot hair (ahoge) on top of his head.

He is usually seen wearing a headband and happi coat when he participates in festivals.


Tetsuo is somewhat of a brat and his behavior is often too much for the rest of the neighborhood to handle. Despite this, he is very kind to his grandpa.

He attends classes to hone his skills in Taiko drumming, but often skips said classes to participate in the festival. He is very skilled in this craft nonetheless, and is also quite athletic, possessing a good aptitude for sports.


Tetsuo is a human boy who lives in the Wada household, and is the gransdon of Kiyoshi Wada.

He and Hana are childhood friends and are often seen together in artwork, and as dancers in Taiko mode and various minigames.

In the game


Tetsuo is one of the randomly-selected dancers in the game, appearning alongside Hana and his pets.

Atsumete★Tomodachi Daisakusen!

He, along with his grandpa, DonKatsu and Hana, travel to Hawaii for vacation. He doesn't notice that Katsu isn't with them until he returns home.

However, a much greater surprise awaits his family and friends: The Wada household is now filled with various animals! Both him and Kiyoshi scold Katsu for bringing them into the house and causing a mess, but develops a fondness for them once he realizes their cuteness.

In other media

Everyday is Festival Days

Being a straight man in the group, Tetsuo is a victim of some shenanigans, which includes but not limited to:

  • He was almost forced to dive into the tub full of black ink by Ika.
  • He got his pants cut off by Yomogimaru at the beach.
  • Due to Don and co. playing with fire, they got ambushed by Hana's air-pressure punch that also extinguished the fire. (Something Tetsuo thought it would be ridiculous.)
  • He got put into some weird-looking costumes by Hana.
  • He, Don and Katsu got burned by Ralco's fire breath by accident inside his Teppanyaki shop.
  • He was used as a human shield by Hana to shield herself from Mecha-Don's attack.


  • "I mean, there's many of them!" - Tetsuo, along with granpa Kiyoshi, are angry toward Katsu because he brings so many animals into the Wada household.[1]
  • "This is basically brainwashing!" - Tetsuo, after hearing Ralco's explaination, calls out Princess Soprano's rapping as such.[2]



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