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H-How could I lose here...
A-Alumi, you are alive, right?
— Tellu to Alumi, Do-Don to Nidaime!

Tellu (Japanese: テルル, Teruru) is a recurring character in Taiko no Tatsujin series.



Being Alumi's prototype, she shares many of the former's features, with some differences. Tellu has the blue-ish gray body and has sharper horns on her head. She is also missing the winding key and is wearing a red muffler around her neck.


Tellu is always following Dr.Evil Lou's orders.


Tellu is the very first robot created by Dr.Evil Lou and is the prototype to Alumi. She has the ability to manipulate space and is able to create black holes. Despite being a prototype, she was assigned the number 7 within the Waru Robot line.

In the series

Do-Don to Nidaime!

After numerous attacks on the festival were thwarted by Don and Katsu and most of his robots are still under repair, Dr.Evil Lou sent Tellu, his last robot that is still intact, to cause havoc at the festival area. While there, she creates black holes that sucking anything around into them.

Tellu then went to fight against the Wada duo, but ended up defeated. Before she broke down, she told Alumi that she is glad that she is still functional.

Long after Evil Lou was defeated once and for all, she has nowhere to go and starts working as a garbage collector, and disintegrates them using her black-hole-creating ability.

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure

Tellu, along with other Waru Robots was added in the fifth DLC as one of the befriendable allies. She is a mech-type battle member in the game.


Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure

Type unknown
HP unknown
Attack unknown
Special unknown
This shows Tellu's stats at level 50.


  • As with other Waru Robots, she is named after the chemical element Tellurium. (Japanese: テルル, Teruru)
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