The Taiko Drum and Bachi set for Nintendo Switch, the current iteration of TaTaCon.

The TaTaCon (Japanese: タタコン, Tatakon, shorts for Taiko no Tatsujin controller), also known as Taiko Drum and Bachi set (Japanese: 太鼓とバチ, Taiko to Bachi) in their later iterations, is a series of special controllers made for the Taiko no Tatsujin series games.

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A TaTaCon's setup is similar to the arcade cabinet's setup, consists of:

  • A slim, taiko drum that contains the sensors for drum hit inputs for gameplay. In some iterations of TaTaCon, there's the buttons on the bottom face of the drum for menu control. Unlike the taiko drums on the arcade cabinets, it doesn't have pressure-sensitive inputs and because of this, donder is required to hit both sides for big drum notes.
  • A support stand, usually used to support the taiko drum and has space to stores the bachi drumsticks. (and in some iterations, water bottles)
  • A pair of bachi drumsticks, which has the rounder shape on each ends.

Connection methods and connectors Edit

Most iterations of the controller uses wired connection to connect it to the video console, computer or the first-party controller. The only exception to this is the Taiko Drum and Bachi set for iOS, which utilizes Bluetooth wireless connection.

Eariler TaTaCons, especially those made for PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii and Wii U, uses the console or controller's proprietary connectors. TaTaCons made for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, however, uses standardized USB Type-A connector.

Compatibility Edit

Because the TaTaCons were made to be compatible with the video game console they were designed for, cross-platform compatibility with incompatible console is very limited.

Due to the use of incompatible proprietary connectors, earlier TaTaCons has little-to-no cross platform compatibility, with the exception being the Taiko Drum and Bachi set for Wii, which is compatible for Taiko no Tatsujin games released on Nintendo Wii and Wii U. Despite using the standardized USB Type-A connector, Taiko Drum and Bachi set for PlayStation 4 is not compatible with Nintendo Switch because of different internals and licensing issues, and this is also true for the Taiko Drum and Bachi set for Nintendo Switch as it is not compatible with PlayStation 4. The Bluetooth Taiko Controller for iOS, despite its utilization of Bluetooth connection, is not compatible with PlayStation 4.

It should be noted that some non-Taiko no Tatsujin games, particularly Kamen Rider Hibiki on PlayStation 2, are compatible with the TaTaCon.

For PC users, connecting the earlier TaTaCons can be troublesome as the TaTaCons uses proprietary connectors, meaning that they requires the compatible proprietary-connector-to-USB adapter to make it work. Later iterations of TaTaCons doesn't have this problem as they use USB connector or Bluetooth connections. It was confirmed that both the PS4 and Switch TaTaCons were shows up as HID-compliant DirectInput devices while connected to a Windows PC.

Manufacturers Edit

Manufacturers of TaTaCons varies on each iterations. The following manufacturers are:

  • Namco (TaTaCon for PlayStation 2, Taiko Drum and Bachi set for Wii/Wii U)
  • Bandai (Bluetooth Taiko Controller for iOS)
  • Hori (TaTaCon Pro for Wii/Wii U, Taiko Drum and Bachi set for PlayStation 4, Taiko Drum and Bachi set for Nintendo Switch)

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In addition to being sold separately, there's game bundles that includes the TaTaCons as well. The following game and TaTaCon bundles are as follows:

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