ラルコ, Raruko
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Dragon
First Appearance Taiko no Tatsujin: Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orbs
Japanese VA Nao Touyama
Alright! From now on we're friends! And um....let's keep this fiery incident to ourselves!
— Ralco

Ralco (Japanese: ラルコ, Raruko) is a character in Taiko no Tatsujin series. He is one of the main characters and is the partner to Don in Taiko no Tatsujin: Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orbs.

He is voiced by Nao Touyama, who also voiced Princess Soprano and Leva in the same game.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

He is a little child dragon that have green-colored skin with pale underbelly. He also have a pair of wings that allows him to fly.

After he acquired the pendant from Don he is seen wearing it all the time.

His skin color can changes depends on what orb the player use before battle.

Personality Edit

While he is physically strong, he is actually a timid dragon, and he is afraid of ghosts. He doesn't like being called a lizard.

He is the childhood friend to Princess Soprano.

In the game Edit

Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orbs Edit

Spoiler alert!

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Prior to meeting Don, Ralco, along with the rest of the royal family members, were attending Princess Soprano's birthday party. That was until Maou shows up and steals Soprano's voice, turning it into seven orbs. The orbs were scattered around the magical world, and so Ralco, being Soprano's best friend, going out and searching for the orbs to restore her voice. Unfortunately during one occassion, he was possessed by the flame orb, turning him into the raging dragon and accidentally destroyed a village.

That was until Don, who just being transported into the magical world from the real world and just obtained Maou's pendant not long ago, knocked him out and the flame orb was ejected from him, turning him back to normal. Ralco apologize to Don for the trouble he caused, but just then a portal appeared and Maou shows himself to the duo, telling them that Soprano will disappear if the orbs are not gathered before the next full moon. Ralco was Don's partner from then on and began their journey to save Soprano.

After numerous battles, the duo finally gathered all seven orbs, but they were tricked by Maou in Soprano's disguise and stole the orbs from them! In a despair moment where the duos were binded and Soprano is a moment away from disappearing, Katsu shows up and knocking the orbs off of Maou's hand! With the voice returned to Soprano, Ralco and his friends have one last showdown against Maou. After two battles, Maou was finally defeated for good, turning him back into what he was: a book.

After the incident, Ralco bids farewell to Don and Katsu as they are going back to the real world via a portal.

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure Edit

In the second DLC chapter, The Chaos in Harmony Castle, Ralco went berserk and causes havok inside the Harmony Castle, after saving Soprano from being attacked by a unknown vortex during their visit in the underground library of the caslte.

After Ura Helga was defeated and the vortex disappeared, Ralco was turned back to normal, Realizing the havok he caused inside the castle, he apologize to Soprano, but the princess told the little dragon that it isn't his fault. After that, Ralco decided to joins Don and Takkun, but is shocked when Soprano is come with them, saying that she cares about Ralco's safety.

He is the special-type battle member in this game.

Dokodon! Mystery Adventure Edit

Ralco can be recruited by throwing the Taiko Coins into the Fountain of Acquaintances, located inside the exhibition museum. The coins themselves can be found everywhere in the game's story mode.

Game data Edit

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure Edit

Type Special
HP 277
Attack 407
Special Arbitrary Fire
This shows Ralco's stats at level 50.

Dokodon! Mystery Adventure Edit

Type Magic
HP unknown
Attack unknown
Special Arbitrary Fire
When being placed on middle, attacks are dealt to all enemies
This shows Ralco's stats at level 40.

Trivia Edit

  • Ralco's raging state, which only appears in Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orbs and Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure, was based on Wrath, one of the seven deadly sins.
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