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Phoenix Wright (Japanese: 成歩堂龍一, Ryūichi Naruhodō) is a guest character from Capcom's Ace Attorney series. He is a seasoned defense attorney with hardened determination in defending his clients and seeking the truth. He has clashed with many intimidating adversaries in the courtroom and his perseverance gives him the strength to overcome them.

He was first introduced as a battle member in Taiko no Tatsujin: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure. A medley of music from his franchise, including his theme, along with the cornered themes from his first three games, is a playable track in Taiko mode.

In the game

Dokodon! Mystery Adventure

Phoenix can be recruited by throwing the Ace Coin into the Fountain of Acquaintances, located inside the exhibition museum. The coin itself can be found in Yamatai (Chapter 4) by speaking to a man who wants to make it up to his wife after a misunderstanding. It is a reward for completing his challenge.

Phoenix is the Defense type battle member. His special skill, Objection, will sometimes negate all damage dealt towards him. He has one of the game's highest HP stats.

Rhythmic Adventure Pack

Phoenix, along with the accompanying medley from his franchise, return in Rhythmic Adventure 2, identical to their positions in the original 3DS version.

The "Defender of the Court" Stamp is awarded for clearing his medley on any difficulty.

The "Master Lawyer" Stamp is awarded for recruiting him as a partner in Story Mode.

Game data

Type Defense
HP 2417
Attack 259
Special Objection!
Damage received will sometimes be 0.
This shows Phoenix Wright's stats at level 45.

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