Nazim Timedine
ナジム・タイムダイン, Najimu Taimudain
The older Timedine
Nickname(s) Professor Timedine
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance Taiko no Tatsujin: Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure
Japanese VA Tomoyoshi Fukatsu
Takane Yabuki (Younger self)
Nazim Timedine (Japanese: ナジム・タイムダイン, Najimu Taimudain), usually refers to as Professor Timedine (Japanese: タイムダイン教授, Taimudain Kyouju), is a major antagonist in Taiko no Tatsujin: Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure.

His younger self, Nazim, is also a supporting character in the same game.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

The young Nazim sports a white hair and leaf green eyes, and wearing a white jacket, purple shirt and black shorts.

The older Timedine is much older than his younger self, sporting a goatee and is wearing a monocle, a dress consists of white overcoat, purple undershirt, blue pants and white boots.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about the young Nazim. He didn't learn of his mother's illness until much later in the story.

After his mother passing, however, Timedine had since become cold-blooded, and is determined to change his mother's fate using the mysterious Timestones no matter the cost.

Background Edit

The young Nazim is the child of Sara Timedine, who is currently suffering from a incurable sickness that would eventually take her life.

The older Timedine is what the young Nazim had become after his mother's passing; He is the leader the Timedine gang, who he assembled to kidnap Tikkun, who has the other Timestone in his body.

In the game Edit

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Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure Edit

The much older Timedine, who came from a much far future than the young Nazim's time, arrived in the the present time just when Pietro got defeated by Don. Timedine successfully captured Takkun's partner Tikkun, but just as he is going back to his time using the time portal, Katsu intervenes and accidentally send the taiko drum and Tikkun into other time, losing Tikkun in the process. Having no choice, Timedine and his gang use the time portal in order to find Tikkun, who is now split into several parts during the time-travel, with Tikkun's Timestone being transported to young Nazim's time where the young Nazim found it.

From then on, Timedine and his gang time-travels to various eras to tries to find Tikkun's parts, only to have Don and his co. found the parts before they did again and again. Eventually, Timedine realize that as Tikkun was split into several parts, he can only just grab the last parts, which is Tikkun's Timestone, and Timedine think that it is time for him to change the past.

Meanwhile, Don and co. arrived in young Nazim's time, and met up with the young Nazim, who is unaware of his older self's doing up until the two met. However, Nazim got tricked by the older Timedine and is transported to Timedine's base in the far futrue time by his older self. He had the timestone stolen by his older self and is hold captive there until he is rescued. Nazim joins up with Don and co. and goes to the deepest of the base and fight against his older self, who is now has two Timestones in his own hands. Having overwhelmed by Don and co. and his younger self, the older Timedine had no choice but to fuse with the two Timestones and power up, but is then defeated in the end.

With the Timestones unfused from the older Timedine, the young Nazim quickly grab one of the Timestones and return it to Tikkun and thus Tikkun is whole again. The older Timedine tries to retaliate, but just as he try to, his own Timestone suddenly disappeared! It was from there that the young Nazim learned from Don's allies, as well as his older self, that his mother Sara is currently suffering from a life-threatening disease that would eventually take her life. Having learned the truth behind his older self's motive behind his action, Nazim decided that, even without the Timestones, he will change his mother's fate by becoming a doctor to save her life, much to his older self's surprise. The older Timedine then realized that it is not the Timestones that can change the history, but the people's heart.

After everything had came to an end, both Nazim and his older self, as well as the Timedine gang and Don's allies from various eras, time-traveled to the present time and enjoying the summer festival event there. With everyone and his younger self returned to their respective time through a time portal opened by Tikkun, Timedine return to his own time, but before he can, something unexpected happened; Much to everyone's surprise, a much older, wheelchaired Sara came out of the time portal. It turns out that Timedine's younger self had change his past thanks to the young self's decision to became a doctor after everything went through. Bidding farewell to Don, Katsu, Takkun and Tikkun, Timedine returns to his own time with his mother.

In the staff roll, the young Nazim is seen doing homeworks to become a doctor. Meanwhile, his older self is seen living with his mother.

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