Mirai (Japanese: ミライ, Mirai) is a recurring character in the Taiko no Tatsujin series.



Mirai sports a green-yellow hair with two long hairs with twisted tips on the back, and a pair of Oni horns on top of her head. She is wearing the yellow bra and panties, a large belt on her hips, a clear Tenne scarf around her body and a pair of yellow and dark pink shoes.


Mirai is a strong, active girl, though she is known to have quite a temper as well. She is also shown to have a immature side as well, as she later breaks down and crying after losing to Arashi

For Taiko drumming, Mirai prefers to use strength and stamina over anything else, though the meeting with Arashi made her realize that the over-reliance on strength will tired her out.


Mirai is a thunder goddess who is a little sister to Fuga. She has an ability to manipulates electricity.

In the series

First appeared in Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Kettei-Ban, Mirai serves as a teacher on hard difficulty in Taiko Classroom mode.

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Mirai, along with her brother Fuga, was introduced to Don and Katsu by Kodama in the Taiko World.

Shorty after, however, the difference in her and Fuga's practice style cause the two to have heated argument in the classroom. Mirai, having enough of Fuga's excuses, stormed out of the classroom in anger and called Fuga an idiot.

While faraway from the classroom, she met Arashi, who just cleared Saitama 2000 on a Taiko drum of his own. After receiving a taunting from the cocky Arashi, she attack with her thunder but didn't make a scratch on him. Mirai then challenge Arashi to a Taiko battle, but ultimately lost, breaks down and crying, much to Arashi's surprise. Arashi, knowing that she will not stop crying unless something must be done, reluctantly teaches Mirai of more about Taiko drumming. After a hour, her training had finally pay off. She then asked if Arashi would come back for more training session tomorrow, but Arashi quickly declined and ran away from Mirai.

After she came back from the outside, both Mirai and Fuga apologize to each other for the earlier spat.

While investigating the storage room after the fire accident that burned most, if not all, of the instruments that were planned to used in the Taiko performance event, Mirai found Fuga's glasses but didn't find her brother anywhere, and found Arashi instead. Although Mirai found out that Arashi is a one who cause the fire in the first place, she instead ask him if he can come for her and Fuga's Taiko performance tomorrow. Unfortunately for her, Arashi quickly declined and ran away, and Mirai called him stupid from afar.

On the day of the Taiko performance event, Mirai, despite being well-prepared for the event, is getting nervous, but Fuga reassured her that it will go just fine if they do it together and make their parents proud. The event was the big success.

In the backstage after the event, Mirai finally noticed the connection between her brother and Arashi, and she demands both Don and Kodama to explains to her of what had happened. It was from there that Mirai finally learned that both Fuga and Arashi were the same person with split-personality, and is furious at everyone for not telling her about that. However, Fuga tells her the both him and Mirai had improved their Taiko drumming skills. Hearing that, both Mirai and Fuga decided to put them in good use by teaching others the way of the Taiko drumming.

Later, Mirai, along with her brother Fuga, opened their own Taiko classrooms, with Don, Katsu and Kodama as their first students.

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure

In the third DLC chapter, Fuga and Mirai's Uninhabited Island Classroom, Mirai, together with Fuga and Kodama, travel to the south island on a ship for vacation. Mirai thought that staying on the ship is boring, so she decided to take of Fuga's glasses by force and letting Arashi manifested from Fuga. Unfortunately, Arashi's performance was so fierce that his fire had burned down the whole ship, thus the trio ended up stranded in an uninhabited island.

While Kodama goes into the forest alone for some helps, Mirai and Fuga met Don and Tocky who just happened to come across the island, but didn't tell the two of what really happened to cause them stranded on the island. Mirai and Fuga soon joins Don and co. in searching for Kodama. The co. soon regroup with Kodama, who is looking for items needed to construct a small raft for three of them to escape from the island.

Just as Don and co. had collected all items needed for them to escape from the island, a space-time distortion vortex suddenly appear out of nowhere and suck Kodama into it! Fortunately, Don and co. managed to destroy the vortex while rescued Kodama from it. While Fuga is away to get some water for the dizzying Kodama, the two finally told both Don and Takkun of what really happened before being stranded on the island.

Mirai is a special-type battle member in the game.

White Version

Since White Version's February 2016 update, Mirai appears as a solo petit chara and a separate paired petit chara with Fuga. As of August, 11, 2019, both items are only available on Donder Hiroba, which is exclusive in Japanese version of the arcade cabinet. Both cost 5000 Katsu medals each.

Drum Session!

Mirai appears as a petit chara accessory that the donder can equip to their Don avatar. Said accessory is randomly obtained through Treasure Box.

Game data

Type Special
HP unknown
Attack unknown
Special Lightning Punch
Make it easier for player to pops the balloon notes earlier.
This shows Mirai's stats at level 50.
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