"Mazinger Z"
Majingā Zetto
First included in Taiko no Tatsujin 4
Notechart by Unknown
Song data
Released 1972
Genre(s) Anime
Performed by Ichirou Mizuki
Lyrics by Yoshinori Watanabe
Composed by Michiaki Watanabe
Arranged by Michiaki Watanabe
Label Nippon Columbia
In fictional works
Featured in Mazinger Z
Type Opening theme song

"Mazinger Z" (Japanese: マジンガーZ, Majingā Zetto) is a song performed by Ichirou Mizuki.

About the song

The vinyl maxi-single, coupled with the song "Our Mazinger Z", was released in 1972 under the Columbia records label (Now Nippon Columbia).

It was the opening theme song of the TV anime series Mazinger Z.

It was first included in Taiko no Tatsujin 4 on the arcade platforms and in Taiko no Tatsujin: Tobikkiri! Anime Special on the console platforms.

For Anime Special, the original master audio was used.

List of games




Taiko no Tatsujin 4

Difficulty Rating Combo
Easy ★ x 4 150
Normal ★ x 5 240
Hard ★ x 5 284
Oni / Extreme ★ x 6 300

Tobikkiri! Anime Special

Difficulty Rating Combo
Easy ★ x 4 149
Normal ★ x 6 240
Hard ★ x 5 284
Oni / Extreme ★ x 5 302


Please be aware that the following is for the TV-size version of the song as it was originally featured in the anime/video game series.
Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
空にそびえる くろがねの城
スーパーロボット マジンガーZ
無敵の力は ぼくらのために
正義の心を パイルダー・オン
とばせ鉄拳! ロケットパンチ
今だ だすんだ ブレストファイアー

マジンゴー! マジンゴー!