The hell?! Wh...what the heck, man?!
This weird-ol' fart here is screwing with our Festival!
Darn you!
— Lantern Eel in Do-Don to Nidaime!

Lantern Eel (Japanese: ちょうちんうなぎ, Chouchin Unagi, also known as Unagi in Taiko: Drum Master) is a recurring character in Taiko no Tatsujin series.



Lantern Eel is an Anthropomorphic eel, with turquoise skin and blue-ish gray underbelly. Unlike the actual eel, Lantern Eel has the thick 'fishing rod' on the top of his head, with the red lantern attached, similar to the atlantic footballfish.

He usually wearing the white happi coat with red stripes.


Although not much is known about Lantern Eel, he is a dependable figure to his gang.

He claim that he has a beautiful voice, but in reality, he is very terrible at singing.


Lantern Eel, together with his apprentices Turtle and Ika, have been running a culinary stand at various festivals, and are frequent travelers.

Lantern Eel is a long-time friend to Kiyoshi Wada.

In the game


Lantern Eel is one of the randomly-selected standard dancers in the game. He can appear as either doing a normal dance or performing more "suave" poses.

Do-Don to Nidaime!

Lantern Eel, along with the others at the festival, is the frequent victim of Dr.Waruru's evildoings. He called Dr.Waruru a 'weird ol'fart' on the second havoc, which the former took offense from..

Drum 'n' Fun!

Lantern Eel is one of the unlockable performing characters in the game. His performing skill makes the one-side hits counts as a two-side hits on big notes.

He also appears as a sushi chef in his own minigame in Party Game Mode. Here he will call out a specific type of Sushi and will serve it to Don-chan and friends when they correctly name it to the beat.

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