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So I'm the one who was left behind? Now I'm on my own, and I'm already feeling lonely...
...Uh? Hold it, does that mean...
Now is the chance for me to shine as a main character! I can now become famous by making friends in the neighborhood!

Katsu Wada (Japanese: 和田かつ, Wada Katsu), usually referred to as Ka-chan or Katsu-chan (Japanese: かっちゃん, Katchan), is the secondary main protagonist of the series. He is Don's twin brother.



He has the similar appearance as his older twin but with blue face and red body.


He is every bit as crazy as his brother. Like his twin, he has a big appetite but unlike Don, he has the tendency of holding back.

In some installments, he is aware of the fact that he isn't the protagonist at all. Some installments in the series doesn't have the same twin-relationship setting with Don, while some have him as one of the bosses.[1] Overall, Katsu is considered one of the protagonists in the game and shares a very brotherly-like figure and very cheerful. His voice is child-like.

His specialty is drawing.

Just like his twin, he usually ends his sentences with "da-don" or "don" and his questions with "nanoka" or "ka", but that was omitted in Taiko Drum Master.


  • "Rock 'n' roll!!" - Said Katsu as he arrived just in time to save Don and Ralco from being binded, right before he knocked off the orbs from Maoh's hands.[1]
  • "I'll remember this, Don!" - Said the angry Katsu after he was being pranked by Don.[2]
  • "So...you guys didn't notice my presence at all?" - Said heartbroken Katsu after the Wada family (who just came back from Hawaii) said that they didn't notice that Katsu isn't with them.[3]



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