Don in Jibanyan costume.

The Jibanyan (Japanese: ジバニャン, Jibanyan) costume is a cloth-type costume that was introduced in Taiko no Tatsujin series since Momoiro Version.


In this costume, Don is dressing up as Jibanyan, but with his face exposed from the costume's 'mouth'.

It cannot be mixed with the head gear.

How to obtain

When it was introduced in Momoiro Version, the costume can be obtained by playing Geragerapo no Uta once. As more Yo-kai Watch songs were introduced with software version updates and arcade updates, the costume is now obtainable by playing all the Yo-kai Watch songs in one play. Clearing the above condition will also unlock the title 'Searching for Yo-kai (Japanese: 妖怪さがし中, Yōkai Sagashi-Chū)'.

In Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure, the costume is obtainable by clearing Geragerapo no Uta in normal gameplay, in which the stamp 'I like yokai! (Japanese: 妖怪だいすき!, Yōkai Daisuki!)' was achieved. The costume has the effect of increases health cap and attack power for all the yokai-type battle members on the player side.

In Dokodon! Mystery Adventure, it is obtainable by clearing Yo-kai Exercise No.1 in normal gameplay, in which the stamp 'Yo-kai Watch-ch! (Japanese: ようかいウォッチッチ!, Yōkai U~otchitchi!)' was achieved. The costume has the effect of increasing health and attack power of the short distance type battle members.


  • The stamp 'Yo-kai Watch-ch!' is part of the lyrics of the song Yo-kai Exercise No.1.

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