I'm Jibanyan. I'm doing some training so I can become a strong cat!
I bet if I go with you, it'll be great training for me!

Let me go with you guys! What do you say?Jibanyan to Don

Jibanyan (Japanese: ジバニャン, Jibanyan) is a guest character from Yo-kai Watch.

He was introduced as a special dancer since the 3rd-generation Taiko no Tatsujin arcade and as a recruitable battle member in the handheld Taiko no Tatsujin games' story mode since Taiko no Tatsujin: Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure.

He is voiced by Etsuko Kozakura in the game.

In the game

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure

In Chapter 1, there are rocks that were placed between two normal cats (one white and one black) in an area in the Sengoku period's mountain road. Checking said rocks and Jibanyan will show himself to Don. Oddly, the two cats disappears once Jibanyan show himself.

He is a youkai-type battle member. His special skill is 'Paws of Fury (ひゃくれつ肉球, lit. "Hundred Cracking Paws", written as ひゃくれつにくきゅう in this game.)', which likely deals critical attacks to the enemies.

Dokodon! Mystery Adventure

Jibanyan can be recruited by throwing the Yo-kai Coin (ようかいのコイン) into the Fountain of Acquaintances, located inside the exhibition museum. The coin itself can be found in Greece (Chapter 1).

He is the short distance type battle member. His special skill's name is the same as the previous game but with the effect being deals damage to all enemies for every 50 combo.

Game data

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure

Type Yokai
HP 120
Attack 111
Special Paws of Fury*
Attack damage increases more frequently.
This shows Jibanyan's stats at level 50.

Dokodon! Mystery Adventure

Type Short
HP 500
Attack 120
Special Paws of Fury
Deal damage to all enemies every 50 combo hits.
This shows Jibanyan's stats at level 40.
*In the English localization of Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure in the Rhythmic Adventure Pack, it was mistakenly translated into '100 Paw Punch'. For the sake of consistency with the official translation from the officially localized Yo-kai Watch games as well as from the English localization of Dokodon! Mystery Adventure, 'Paws of Fury' was used on this wiki.


  • In Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure, he is categorized as a youkai-type character. Fittingly, he is a Yo-kai in his home series Yo-kai Watch.
  • Recruit Jibanyan in the story mode in Dokodon! Mystery Adventure will achieve the stamp 'I found a Yo-kai! (ようかいを見つけた!)'.
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