"Himawari no Yakusoku"
Himawari no Yakusoku




First included in Taiko no Tatsujin: Tokumori!
Notechart by Shika@ni~San
Song data
Released June 8, 2014
Genre(s) J-pop
Performed by Motohiro Hata
Lyrics by Motohiro Hata
Composed by Motohiro Hata
Arranged by Motohiro Hata
Label Ariola Japan (Sony Music Entertainment)
In fictional works
Featured in Stand by Me Doraemon
Type Ending theme song

"Himawari no Yakusoku" (Japanese: ひまわりの約束, Himawari no Yakusoku, "Promise of Sunflower") is a song performed by Motohiro Hata.

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The single of the same name was released on June 8, 2014. The single reached 10th place in Oricon Weekly Singles Chart on the first week and 2nd place in Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart on the third week, both were on August 2014. it received a digital download single certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan for sales of a million.

It was featured as the ending theme song of the 3DCG movie Stand by Me Doraemon, based on the Doraemon franchise.

It was first introduced in Taiko no Tatsujin: Tokumori! as a DLC song and later in the arcade platform with the launch of both Japanese and Asian versions of Taiko no Tatsujin: White Version.

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Difficulty Rating Combo
Easy ★ x 3 94
Normal ★ x 4 140
Hard ★ x 5 177
Oni / Extreme ★ x 7 233

(2011, Tokumori, Dokodon! Mystery Adventure, Plus: Shinkyoku Tori Houdai)
Pops (Drum Session, Drum 'n' Fun)
Kids, Pops, Anime (2020)

Lyrics Edit

Please be aware that the following is for the short version that was made for Taiko no Tatsujin games.
Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
どうして君が泣くの まだ僕も泣いていないのに
自分より 悲しむから つらいのがどっちか わからなくなるよ
Dōshite kimi ga nakuno mada boku mo naite inainoni
Jibun yori kanashimu kara tsurainoga docchika wakaranaku naruyo
Why do you cry?
while I'm still holding back my tears
Because I know,
You felt griever than me
I can’t even tell which one of us
who’s suffering more
ガラクタだったはずの今日が ふたりなら 宝物になる Garakuta datta hazu no kyō ga futari nara takaramono ni naru Today was supposed
to be a useless day
But it’d become a treasure
when we’re together
そばにいたいよ 君のために出来ることが 僕にあるかな
いつも君に ずっと君に 笑っていてほしくて
ひまわりのような まっすぐなその優しさを 温もりを 全部
これからは僕も 届けていきたい ここにある幸せに 気づいたから
Soba ni itaiyo kimi no tame ni dekiru koto ga boku ni arukana
Itsumo kimi ni zutto kimi ni waratte ite hoshikute
Himawari no yō na massugu na sono yasashisa wo nukumori wo zenbu
Korekara wa boku mo todokete ikitai koko ni aru shiawase ni kidzuita kara
I want to stand by you
I wonder, is there even something
that I can do for you?
It’ll always for you
Forever, always for you
I want you to stay smile forever and ever

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the Doraemon songs that did not feature any of the special dancers.
  • Unlike most of the J-pop genre songs in Taiko no Tatsujin games, instead of having the original artist's name in its subtitle, it has the word 'From Stand by Me Doraemon' in its place, indicates the movie the song was featured from.

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