"GeGeGe no Kitaro"
GeGeGe no Kitaro
First included in Taiko no Tatsujin 10
Notechart by Unknown
Song data
Released May 9, 2007
Genre(s) J-pop (Anime)
Performed by Shigeru Izumiya
Lyrics by Shigeru Mizuki
Composed by Taku Izumi
Arranged by Kazumi Horii
Label Index Music (T.Y.Entertainment Inc.)
In fictional works
Featured in GeGeGe no Kitaro (2007)
Type Opening theme song (Ep.1 to 51)

"GeGeGe no Kitaro" (Japanese: ゲゲゲの鬼太郎, GeGeGe no Kitarou) is a song performed by Shigeru Izumiya.

About the song

The song was included in the maxi-single CD of the same name, which was released under the Index Music label (now T.Y.Entertainment) on May 9, 2007.

It was the 5th main cover version of the song of the same name performed by Kazuo Kumakura and is the first opening theme song for the 2007 TV anime adaptation of Shigeru Mizuki's manga GeGeGe no Kitaro, used from episode 1 to episode 51. While the lyrics and the base composition is the same as the original song, the new version was arranged by Kazumi Horii. The song was later suceeded by The50kaitenz's version of the song from episode 52 onward.

It was first included in Taiko no Tatsujin 10 on the arcade platforms was was later included in Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: Great Adventure of the Seven Islands! on the console platforms.

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Difficulty Rating Combo
Easy ★ x 2 65
Normal ★ x 3 79
Hard ★ x 5 167
Oni / Extreme ★ x 6 234


Please be aware that the following is for the TV-size version of the song as it was originally featured in the anime/video game series.
Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
ゲッゲッ ゲゲゲのゲー
朝は寝床で グーグーグー
Ge ge gegege no ge...
Asa wa nedoko de Guu guu guu.
Ge, ge, gegege no ge...
We sleep in the morning Guu guu guu.
たのしいな たのしいな
Tanoshi na Tanoshi na
Obake nya gakkou mo shiken mo nanni mo nai!
It's so fun, It's so fun,
Ghosts don't have school or any homework!
ゲッゲッ ゲゲゲのゲー
みんなで歌おう ゲゲゲのゲー
ゲッゲッ ゲゲゲのゲー
みんなで歌おう ゲゲゲのゲー
Ge ge gegege no ge
Minna de utaou Ge ge gegege no ge
Ge ge gegege no ge
Minna de utaou Ge ge gegege no ge
Ge, ge, gegege no ge...
Let's all sing: Ge, ge, gegege no ge...
Ge, ge, gegege no ge...
Let's all sing: Ge, ge, gegege no ge...


  • During the song play, the characters from the anime (Consists of Kitaro, Neko Musume, Nezumi Otoko, Sunakake Babaa, Konaki Jijii, Ittan momen and Nurikabe) will appear as dancers instead of the default dancers.

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