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Who you calling weird-ol' fart?!
You're talking to Dr. Evil Lou here!
HATER of all things fun!!
— Dr. Evil Lou in Do-Don to Nidaime!

Dr. Evil Lou (Japanese: Dr.ワルルー, Dokutā Warurū) is a recurring character in Taiko no Tatsujin series and is the main antagonist in Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Do-Don to Nidaime!



Evil Lou is a human male who is in the 60's in age, and spots the white hair, white beard and white mustache. He dressed in a violet clown-like outfit and is wearing a purple cape.


Evil Lou is greedy, cunning person who hates anything that is fun. It is unknown what makes him hate anything fun.


Evil Lou is a mad scientist who hates anything fun. He is the creator of the Waru Robots.

Evil Lou was once a co-researcher to Professor Otowa and both were researching the Taiko power. However, his own researches doesn't end so well, so much so that he stole Otowa's research data and we missing. He used those very research data to create the Waru Robots.

In the game

Do-Don to Nidaime!

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Dr. Evil Lou and Professor Otawa were once doing research on the Taiko power. However, Evil Lou's research data isn't very well as he wanted, so he stole Otowa's data and we into hiding. While hiding, he created the Waru Robots. What he doesn't expected that one of his robots doesn't follow his order, so he consider her a failure, so much so that it was implies that he didn't even do maintenance routine on her.

Several years later, Dr. Evil Lou, being a hater of all things fun, sent Alumi to the festival area and try to cause panic among people, but when the robot went missing (Alumi brokes down due to the lacks of maintenance), he sent another Waru robot, Antimony, to cause havoc at the festival area.

When he find out that people are still having fun at the festival long after the first havoc, he sent Antimony there again, only for a pair of robots to be defeated by Don and Katsu. From this point on, he tries senting numerous Waru Robots to wrecks anything around the festival and only to be thwarted again and again, all by the Wada duo.

Soon, he ran out of options as all of his Waru robots are still under repair. Just then, he notice that Alumi is with the Wada duo and Otowa. Having noticed the failure robot is with them, he quickly turn to the other plan: Turn Alumi into his underling using the remote brainwash device that was built in her. Dr. Evil Lou succeeded in turning Alumi against the Wada duo, but the brainwashed robot got defeated. Having another evil plan thwarted, he had no choice but to run away yet again.

He, along with the partially repaired Waru Robots, attacked the Wadaiko Municipal Laboratory. He tried to attack his former co-researcher Otowa but was stopped by the revived Alumi! Evil Lou then fight against the Wada duo, but ended up defeated and was flew away in the sky, all while he yell that he would come back soon for revenge.

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure

In the fifth DLC chapter, Dr. Evil Lou's Ambition, Evil Lou founded a unstable space-time vortex that was created underneath his secret base. Having found the vortex, he plan to use it for evil plan.

Unfortunately for him, this doesn't gone unnoticed; Alumi, soon joined by Don and Takkun, fight their way to his room and defeat him. Evil Lou revealed that his base has the vortex that is slowly destroying the base, just before he retreated.

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