アルミ, Arumi
Nickname(s) Alumi-chan
Gender Female
Species Robot
First Appearance Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Do-Don to Nidaime!
Japanese VA Akane Ueda
Ah! I remember it now nora! My name is Alumi nanora!
— Alumi

Alumi (Japanese: アルミ, Arumi) is a recurring character in the Taiko no Tatsujin series. She was introduced in Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Do-Don to Nidaime! and is one of the main characters in the same game.

She is voiced by Akane Ueda in the series.


Despite her origin, Alumi is a cheerful and fun-loving robot.

She usually ends her sentences with 'nanora', 'nora', and 'ro'.

In the series

Do-don to Nidaime!

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She is the second robot created by Doctor Waruru, who plans to cause havoc and destroy the summer festival. For whatever reason, Alumi broke down in the festival area before she was able to do anything. She is later found by Don and Katsu, who bring her to Professor Otowa's lab to fix her.

She was fixed, but the Taiko duo finds out that she doesn't remember anything except her name. Don and his co. decide to help her recover her memories, while also deal with the troubles Doctor Waruru's Waru Robots were causing. Throughout the game's story, she regains most, if not all, of her memories with Don and his co.'s help.

She is later brainwashed by Doctor Waruru using a remote device and turns against Don and his co., but is defeated and breaks down once more. Like a miracle, she is revived when Doctor Waruru attacks the Municipal Wadaiko Laboratory, and Don and his co. put an end to his evil scheme once and for all.

After that, she stays in Professor Otowa's lab and occasionally visits her friends.

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure

In the fifth DLC chapter, Doctor Waruru's Ambition, Alumi is seen trying to stop Doctor Waruru inside his secret base as he plans on doing something sinister. Just then, Don and Takkun arrive to the scene and Doctor Waruru is shocked that the Taiko drum who had defeated him before is here.

It is only after Doctor Waruru is defeated that he reveals a space-time distortion that occurs deep inside his secret base. Doctor Waruru quickly escapes from the base, leaving Don and his friends inside as the distortion begins to self-destruct the base. Luckily, Don and his friends are able to destroy the vortex before the situation worsens. After that, Alumi joins the party.

She is a mech-type battle member in the game.

Game data

Don and Katsu's Space-time Adventure

Type Mech
HP 535
Attack 262
Special The Mechanical Heart
This shows Alumi's stats at level 50.


  • As with other Waru Robots, she is named after the chemical element Aluminum (アルミニウム).
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